I plan to update this area regularly with what I’m reading currently (legal or not), but for now I will list some of what I’ve read recently and what I read regularly that has made an impact on my mind.

Mr. Money Mustache – My brother directed my attention to this one, and while I probably knew most of the basic economics he discusses, his examples and explanations have reshaped how I look at most of my daily expenses. (You’ll probably see some books from MMM’s suggested reading list on my own list occasionally.)

XKCD – This one has been around and popular online for a while, but as my own interests have been physics, theoretical math, and linguistics for a few years now, I’ve taken a special liking to it.

Equally Shared Parenting – Probably a little premature on my part, but I’d rather be as aware of the lifestyle I’d like to have as possible instead of figuring it out when I’m already a parent, especially because law is such a demanding career. This is the book I’ve read most recently.

1L of a Ride – As a law school applicant, I felt I needed to know what I would be getting into. I think this book most concisely laid out what I should expect and a few general rules on how I could succeed.

A Man for All Seasons – I had to read this in high school, but I appreciated reading it again in college.

Empires of Light and Conquering Gotham – Two books by Jill Jonnes that got me very interested in the early 20th century. Empires of Light covers the invention and proliferation of the electric light, and Conquering Gotham covers the construction of Penn Station in New York City and the efforts that went into building the underwater tunnels to and from Manhattan. Both were easy to read and well written.

I could also fill pages and pages of text with the books I intend to read, but that seems like a waste. I’ll try to add to this as I’m actually reading them.