Welcome! I’m Mark, a law student at the University of Michigan, and a few weeks ago I read an article by Kevin O’Keefe, CEO of LexBlog. He was saying that law students should have blogs to help them build an online network and figure out their passions in law. I checked out LexBlog and found out that I could start a blog for free as a law student and have the support of an experienced community in keeping my blog updated and running smoothly. I decided to go for it, and as I hope the name of my blog implies, I make no claim of expertise on any topic I may discuss on this blog.

I plan to cover some topics of interest to current, new, and prospective law students. I may cover topics that intrigue me as they come up in my legal courses. I also plan to cover some topics of interest that I find in legal journals and other legal sources.

More than anything, I see this blog as a place for me to get my thoughts down on “paper,” to help guide the discovery of my legal interests and potential career goals. Currently, I have no legal experience beyond the law review articles and political philosophy books I’ve read. I’m excited to be starting my legal education, and I’ve probably idealized it in my mind. Regardless, my hopes are high that I will change a lot in the next three years, and I hope some of you will stick around and learn about the law with me.