Mark X. Hollwedel

I am an incoming 1L at the University of Michigan Law School (Go Blue!), alumnus of Stony Brook University and Chaminade High School. I was born and raised in Levittown, New York, the first modern, standardized suburb.


University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, MI, Class of 2020

BA, Linguistics, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, Class of 2017

Chaminade High School, Mineola, NY, Class of 2013

At Stony Brook, I majored in Linguistics and minored in International Studies. I also studied physics and theoretical mathematics for two years before discovering my passion for linguistics. During my time there, I joined the pre-law society, the mock trial team, and the pre-law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, as well as the astronomy club.

I have an elementary knowledge of French, some basic vocabulary and phrases in Spanish, and a more experienced knowledge of Latin.


During the school year at Stony Brook, I worked overnight security, patrolling the campus and escorting students late at night. During the week, I interned at the Center for Cost Effective Government, where I assisted executive director Steve Levy in editing and assembling documents and articles for the Center. During my summers, I worked at HomeGoods in the backroom, opening boxes and sorting products full-time. Before that, I spent my summers performing janitorial and maintenance work at my high school.

I helped keep the Center for Cost Effective Government’s website updated, and at Stony Brook I took two separate computer programming courses (one in physics, and one in linguistics).

At the Center, I often had to research current events in New York State public policy.


  • Blacksmithing (at the moment, only in theory… it’s expensive to learn it)
  • Reading (mostly fiction; nonfiction set in the industrial era)
  • As far as legal interests go, I have no idea yet (will update when I’ve learned some law)
  • Formerly Netflix (including the West Wing, Parks and Rec, the Office, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Black Mirror, Star Trek TOS, and many others)
  • Hiking and camping
  • Language and communication
  • And many others